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A product of the DC punk underworld now living in Philly, visually chronicling a lifetime of misadventures. Driven by the belief that art is meant to be felt, not understood.

I'm always interested in shows, commissions, collaborations, questions, comments, complaints, threats, etc.  Drop me a line!


Lots of old stuff here:


Sprocketbox Press 2018 



Solo show, B2 Cafe, Philly, Dec 2018

“The Fear That Gives” group show, Giovinetti Studios, Philly, Oct 2018

"A Brief Display of Rhetoric" group show, Giovinnetti Studios, Philly, Sept 2018

"Unknown Colours" group show, Giovinetti Studios, Philadelphia, PA August 2018

Damaged City Fest group show, Hole In The Sky, Washington, DC April 2018

"Little Bits" group show, Colorspace Labs, Philly, March 2018

Group show, Stella Elkins Gallery, Philly, Jan-Feb 2018

"Life Death Art" group show, Philly, Jan 2018

"commonSENSE" group show, Slayer Gallery, worldwide online, Jan 2018

Solo show, 16th Street Haus, DC, Dec 2016

Group show, DC Art Center, summer 2016

Group show, Maze Gallery, Takoma Park, MD, winter 2016-2017

Solo show, Flying Fish Coffee, DC, Nov 2016

Group show, King Street Gallery, Takoma Park, MD spring 2014